Easter Weekend- My Life // Burlington Lifestyle Photographer

This  Easter weekend was a great one.... The weather could have been better but hey....... We made the best of it..... The kids had a blast painting eggs, doing their easter egg hunt, and most of all they really enjoyed our nature walk at Cherry Hill Park , near the RGB.  The goal- trying to get the birds to eat out of our hands:) Mission accomplished!!!!  Mila and I both had birds eating out of the palm of our hands and Julian and Isac enjoyed hand feeding the chipmunks..... Didn't realize how cool Cherry Hill Park actually is and I live 10 minutes from it.... Well now we know, and I'm sure with the nice weather approaching we will be feeding birds and chipmunks again very soon.... Hope you all had a great Easter weekend and got to spend it with your loved ones just like I did.....


Maggie D