Hi. My name is Maggie. I love what I do. Photography is my hobby, my passion , my love. My kids are my world and my inspiration. I'm a free spirit, go with flow kinda gal. I love white wine and coffee.  I love the beach.  I love to feel the sun on my face. I love to laugh. I think life is a journey. Photography allows me to capture the moments along the way, big or small, the moments we never want to forget.  We only have one life, one journey to live.   I would love to capture a small part of your journey, your life. It would be an honour.......

I'm available EVERYWHERE. I love to shoot outdoors and I have a studio too. I love to shoot couples in love, most of all WEDDINGS , your growing families, all the little moments that matter to you.  Now you know just a little bit about me. Take a look around the site, you might learn a bit more about my life, my journey,  and my photography.

Thanks for stopping by.

Maggie D


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